The Child Language Lab

Two posters and a talk

Here are some of the things that happened this Fall semester/ Red cycle at the Child Language Lab. I was unable to physically attend these conferences due to restricted travel (pregnancy), but my wonderful collaborators volunteered to do so for me.

We presented a poster at Cognitive Development Society!

Saturday, October 14th 2017 - Portland

Most of the time, children are acquiring their native language from other native speakers of the language (i.e. their parents and caregivers). However, there are some circumstances in which children receive language input that contains mistakes or errors, like when their language models are not native speakers of the language themselves.

Previous research has shown that, under these circumstances, children are able to acquire the language to native fluency by regularizing the dominant form in their input. However, the non-native language models in these studies have used the correct form the majority of the time (> 50%). What happens if the input children receives contains even more errors? Is there some threshold at which children will no longer be able to acquire the language?

Our poster - with Jaclyn Horowitz and Elissa Newport - presents experiments that explore this question. Thanks to Jaclyn Horowitz for presenting this poster on my behalf at the CDS meeting!

Click below to see the poster: